EBK Ceramics Cluster - Stuttgart Trade Mission

EBK Ceramics Cluster Association Board Member Tülin Murathanoğlu and project executer Deniz Murathanoğlu visited development organizations, municipality representatives and cluster organizations in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe and Ulm,
Germany with a comitee in coordination of Ministry of Development ,Turkey on the dates of 17-18th, April 2013.

Ministry of Development Deputy Secretary Ahmet Yaman, BEBKA Development Agency General Secretary Deputy Tamer Değirmenci, cluster representatives and experts were present at comitee.

Information and communication Technologies Cluster, High Technology Entrepreneur Network Karlsruhe CyberForum,
Karlsruhe Electric Transportation Center, Science City and Science Park in Ulm University and Economic Bodies have been visited by the comitee.

EBK Ceramics Cluster examined and had detailed informations about cluster establishment processes, organization structures of clusters, budgets and activity/projects of German Clusters.


Members of Eskişehir-Bilecik-Kütahya Ceramic Work Group Association visited Governor Mehmet Kılıçlar in his office.


Eskişehir-Bilecik-Kütahya Ceramic Work Group Association Chairman of the Board Zeki Şafak Ozan, Secretary General Mehmet Çelebioğlu, members Tülin Murathanoğlu and Abdülhekim Yakut, and Anatolian University Materials Engineering Prof. Dr. Ersan Pütün visited Governor Mehmet Kılıçlar in his office.

Eskişehir based Association, established on 05 May 2010 by the permission of the Governor of Eskişehir, was selected on of the 10 groups in Turkey in 2007, as a result of the studies conducted under the coordination of the Undersecreteriat of Foreign Trade.