Members of Eskişehir-Bilecik-Kütahya Ceramic Work Group Association visited Governor Mehmet Kılıçlar in his office.


Stating that they would like to participate in BEBKA (Bursa-Eskişehir-Bilecik Development Agency) as a Member of the Advisory Board to be more effective in their works, Eskişehir-Bilecik-Kütahya Ceramic Work Group Association Chairman of the Board Zeki Şafak Ozan said “We want to be the leading customer based ceramic group in an environment friendly, energy saving and innovative world. We aim to improve our association through customer based researches, innovation, energy, smart logistics and commercial application of new technologies”.

Receiving information on the works of the Association, Governor Mehmet Kılıçlar expressed that Eskişehir-Bilecik-Kütahya triangle is a very important area for the sector due to the fact that this is a region where 39% of the total production of the sector is achieved, and added that the works of the Association can make the region a center of attraction.